Home Modification Market

So, who benefits from home modifications? First, home modifications are small or large changes to a home that improve the environment to meet the needs of the person or family who lives there. The changes are customized to the individual or family needs. They improve living at home by making daily activities and routines easier and safer.

Home modifications can benefit anyone who has a limitation in daily life at home, not just people with a “disability.”  Home modifications are typically thought of for people with disabilities (such as people who use a wheelchair or people who are blind). However, very few people identify themselve as having a “disability.” Yet, most people have someone in their home who has a limitation in daily activities due to a health condition.   People living with chronic health conditions is rising, especially baby boomers increase in age. This market is rapid growing.

People own homes and want to remain living in their home.  Home modifications make life at home easier.  It can mean less pain and greater independence and safety.  But the most important thing people report is that they believe home modifications will allow them to live longer in their own home, rather than needing to move or hire care within their own home. (Learn more here about Why You Should Bother with Home Modifications.)

Most people have already made small home modifications, such as increasing lighting by changing light bulbs or installing lever door handles. Some people have made more major modifications, such as installing grab bars or handrails. However, people report the desire to do more home modifications, but feel there are many barriers, such as cost, lack of knowledge, and not having a trusted person to do the work.

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Looking for resources on home modifications?

Homemods.org– This website is from the National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification by Andrus Gerontology Center at University of Southern California.

Home Modification Fact Sheet (pdf)- Information fact sheet from the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Home Modification Ideas for Older Adults (video)- By Stephanie Dahl