Better Business through Better Design Solutions

There is a problem for both building professionals (such as contractors, builders, and handymen) and home-owners seeking home modification services that occupational therapists can help to address. The problem is that building professionals frequently implement home modifications, but they often lack knowledge and understanding of the functional limitations for people living at home from common disabilities and health conditions. Occupational therapist (OTs) can help to fill in this gap in knowledge and experience (learn more about the role of OTs in home modifications in this post).

What is really comes down to is improving your business through providing a better services for clients.  OTs can help building professions create better design solutions. Better design comes from greater understanding, knowledge, and skill. The best way to understand something is to experience it first hand.

To address this problem, our team  has created an experience-based learning guide for all building professionals to help teach a new perspective of how common disabilities and health concerns can cause functional limitations at home. The goals is for building professionals to immerse themselves (in practical and time-efficient ways) in having specific disabilities or health concerns.

We find it better to think about “functional limitations” rather then disabilities.  The most common functional limitation for people in the US living at home are…

  1. Mobility limitation (difficulty in getting around)
  2. Cognitive limitation (decrease in thinking skills)
  3. Independent living limitation (difficulty in living at home without assistance)
  4. Visual limitation (decrease in ability to see)
  5. Self-care limitation (difficulty taking care of basic needs, such as dressing or using the toilet)

Want to give it a try?

First page thumbnail of 5 disabilities immersion experiences for contractors.This in-depth 16-page pdf guide will walk you (or a your team) through 5 common disabilities or health concern. The goal is to immerse yourself in the experience to get a first-hand perspective of what functional limitations occur when interacting with the built environment at home. Supplies are mostly common objects a building professional would have easy access to use. Information on each functional limitation is provided, as well as discussion questions relevant to home modifications. Additional resources are provided on home modifications, universal design, and implications for marketing.


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Looking for a brief over-view, check out the free handout below:

Click image for full graphic, or view a printable pdf here.

Wondering how to start– try our posts on Best Questions to Ask Clients  and Respecting Client’s Competence: Working WITH, Not FOR Clients

Feeling inspired?  Read more here:


Looking for more information, visit FAQ page for more info on home modifications.