Kids are little- they need different bathroom spaces for using the toilet than adults.

Bathrooms in homes are one of the most important and most used rooms.  Bathrooms tends to all be designed fairly similarly, with toilets, sinks, and tubs/showers of about the same size and shape.  Typical bathrooms meet the needs of most adults well, but they are often a great struggle for older adults and young children.  Any parent who has had to toilet train a child knows just how important having a child-friendly bathroom can be.  For parents of children with disabilities, the bathroom space is a critical part of a daily routine.  Creating the right space can greatly improve the safety of both parents and children and can improve independence at toileting tasks.

Here are 3 top ideas to improve home bathroom spaces for children:

  • Use a step stool
  • Make the seat smaller
  • Add handles
  • Make sure there is enough space for both a child and parent

Want an over-view, check out the free handout below:

Needs more in-depth information and ideas?

Try our 2 page pdf with more ideas and recommendations specific to designing bathroom spaces at home for children and for children with disabilities.  Content includes ideas that can be implemented by parents, with some additional ideas that may require hiring a contractor.


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