Home Modification Ideas for Parents of Children with Disabilities

Most of the information on home modifications available is for adults with mobility impairments (such as wheelchair users) or for older adults.  Parents of children are often left with a lack of ideas or inappropriate ideas for their children’s needs.

Children are not just small adults; children use their homes in unique ways and need unique modifications to allow them to learn and play to their greatest potential. Play spaces need special attention to create environments for children of all abilites to thrive and grow in.

View resources on common home modifications for children with a range of disabilities:

Looking for home modification ideas for a health condition or concern not listed?  Just send me an email with your request:

All About Flooring

All About Flooring

All About Flooring (and how it can affect comfort and safety at home) Flooring is a functional part of a home, but its impact on comfort and ease of living is often overlooked. Consumers are often overwhelmed with the choices available, but they lack the information...

Designing Homes with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Mind

Designing Homes with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Mind

Home environments matter a lot for families with members on the Autism Spectrum Children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) need home environments that are safe and that promote healthy living. Each person's needs are unique, so each home should be...

All About “Shatterproof” Windows

All About “Shatterproof” Windows

A few weeks ago, we published a very popular post about home modifications for people on the Autism Spectrum.  Since then, one of the most common questions has been about "shatterproof" windows.  So, we did some research and summarized the key information for parents...

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