While there are mountains of information about designing homes for people who use wheelchairs, there is a lack of information for people who use canes and walkers at home.

These series of posts aims to give practical ideas to make the use of a variety of mobility equipment, such as cane and walkers, at home safer and easier.

What home modifications make using a walker easier and safer?

An estimated 2 million people in the US use a walker to help them walk safely. Walkers are used to improve balance ad prevent falls and injuries.

However, using a walker at home has several barriers which can be overcome with both simple and complex home modifications.

  1. Using a Cane at Home
  2. Using a Walker at Home
  3. Using a Rolling Walker with Seat at Home
  4. Using a Knee Walker at Home

The most common complaints about using a walker related to home design:

1. The doorways are too small (especially for people using larger-sized walkers).
2. The steps are hard to navigate and a walker can’t go up/down the stairs.
3. The bathroom and kitchen spaces are too small for the walker to be used.
4.  Some flooring makes it hard to move the walker forward, particularly anything uneven. plush, or large thresholds.
5. The walker gets the floor dirty.
6. There isn’t a place to store the walker.
7. It is difficult to move items around the house when needed.
8. It is challenging to get into and out of the home.

Here are 3 top ideas that can be implemented by home-owners or contractors:

  • Make doorways wider
  • Install 2 railings on the stairs
  • Use durable and even flooring

Needs more in-depth information and ideas?

Try our 10 page pdf with more ideas and recommendations specific to using a walker at home.  Content includes ideas for throughout the home that can be done by home-owners or contractors with a focus on improving safety and ease of use.

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Want the details on these 3 ideas, see the free handout below:

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