Lack of Information

After lots of research, we have concluded there is almost nothing available about home modifications for children with disabilities.  We are aiming to solve this problem!

Our Solution

We surveyed parents of children with common genetic disorders that frequently have both motor and intellectual impairments (such as Down Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome, and Prader-Willi Syndrome) about what they have done to their home (or want to do to their homes) to accommodate their child’s unique needs.  With over 40 responses to our survey, we combined the ideas about home modifications into a 2 page handout.  Because people were generous enough to share their experience and ideas with us, we want to share this information back freely.  (This handout is free to share, just make sure to create Beyond Accessibility properly.)

Free Handout

On this page there are images of both pages of ideas for you to view.

If you want to save, print, or share this info, please use This free handout on home modifications for Down Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome, and Prader-Willi Syndrome.  This file can be viewed in more detail to allow zooming into the small text and can be read outloud in a pdf reader.

Have an Idea?

Comment below on this post or email us at to contribute!  When we reach 15 new ideas, this handout will get updated and shared again.