A few weeks ago, we published a very popular post about home modifications for people on the Autism Spectrum.  Since then, one of the most common questions has been about “shatterproof” windows.  So, we did some research and summarized the key information for parents and care-givers to know about this home modification for safety.


  • Glass in a home can easily be broken, and the result is a mess of sharp glass shards that are a large safety hazard.


  • Frequently children or adults with developmental/intellectual disabilities, behavioral disorders, and/or mental health disorders (such as Autism or dementia) may have behaviors that can cause glass to break, such as throwing items or purposefully running into glass to break it.


  • “Shatterproof” glass is often recommended, and there are many ways to achieve this (none of which are truly “shatterproof,” but all increase safety).
  • Click here for access to the free 2 page pdf on Shatterproof Glass Options with all the details you need to know about materials, installation, and potential costs.

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