1 Day:

Home modifications or improvements do not have to be complicated or large projects.  Many are simple, easy changes that can be done within one day (and many within a few minutes!).  This top 10 list is filled with ideas that can be completed by the average home-owner with minimal tools and experience.

For Everyone:

This list can be used by anyone who wants to make their home easier and safer to live in. It will especially benefit older adults and people living with chronic health conditions, such as arthritis, back pain, hip or knee problems, or decreased vision. Even if no one in your home struggles with a disability, these ideas will make your home more friendly for those who visit. Many of these ideas also demonstrate the concepts of “universal design,” such as being equitable in use and requiring low physical effort.

Improvements in Living:

One of the best features of these ideas is that while they are small and easy to do, they can result in large and meaningful improvements in life at home.  They make daily activities safer and often less painful for those who are struggling with a chronic health conditions.  For young children and older adults, they also make but also make life easier by making tasks at home simpler to complete.

Low Cost:

These ideas not only low effort, but are low cost.  Most are under $10, and all should come in under $50.  Most require no tools (or typical household tools).